Thursday, June 30, 2011

Karla MTDC Lonavala

Karla is a nice place but MTDC resort is not, no room service, rain water leaking roofs to room full of ants, non functional Tv, etc, resort facilities like boat rides and water parks are non functional for six months during monsoon, restaurant is ok, limited menu, near by dhabas open only on saturday and sundays, otherwise have to go to Lonavala for food, beware of vegetarian menu only restaurants, commuting also not easy, own car means ok otherwise life is difficult to move around, resort is in a secluded spot, no any events or entertainments, not even a decent reception or sitting room for guests, night time ghosty atmosphere was bad to worse, you can meet other guests in restaurant only.

Though been to Lonavala few times with friends, never been to any tourist attractions apart from water falls so first time had visited bushi dam, few water falls and tiger leap, facilities can be a little better for week end travellers.

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