Sunday, March 16, 2014

Train services- Mannargudi

Only good thing happenend to my home town Mannargudi over the last five or many years is introduction of New Rail route/ station and a few trains, this too we know temporary benifits having long term positive economical implications out of political games.
Year 2014 Govt interim rail budjet added a new train service Mannargudi – Jodhpur weekly express, as per my pessimistic mind this may be the last new train service announcement to and from mannargudi for another 10 or more years in Railwat budget. Also i have a doubt newly elected govt may not approve this train !!!.
Reality apart there are huge online discussions and suggestions on route, change of origin point (Mannargudi), Trade association and federations also started sending letters to railway board on possible routes, profitable routes, etc...
Every lower strata people, place, country requres some support from other economically grown up and matured (hopefully) big bothers, God, let the train start roling from Mannargudi.

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