Friday, August 04, 2006

Pepsi and Coke-Bug Juice

While I was in Junior college I used to consume lot of pepsi, coke from onwards "Bug Juice". Its kind of fun, heroic, infront of friends in college canteen. More or less the same purpose of a college students heroic cigarette. Ameer and Rani also partly responsible.

But later along with my evolution I realised Bug juice is a add on for Hot drinks, not a beverage, but Bug juice along with food continued quiet some time to wash off the stomach.Then first broke out of floating bla blas, lizards and Condoms in Coke finally stopped me drinking it but not just me most of my friends and foes.

Now one more crashing wave across the giants, This is actually a David and Goliath battle- some of the world’s poorest people versus richest multinational giants, It's not impossible to clean up but It's not possible quiet the same way why govt not banning the cigarette, liquor and pan masala.

Any way culturally our poor folks are not inclined towards Bug Juices atleast in day times!!!

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