Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tamilnadu Shining-The most urban state

Tamilnadu in Track: Tamilnadu is the most urbanised state in India, set to reach 50% mark by 2007. compared to other states 2nd best urban state maharastra which is estaimated to cross the same mark by 2021.According to census commisioner office report by 2026, 75% Tamilians will live in highly urbanised society, an indication of society development. We have to say our sincere thanks to Karuna and Jaya, our beloved then and now chief ministers for there role in forming a shining tamilnadu, for providing the basic infrastructure like road, bus facilities, power and For bringing in world class Auto mobile, Telecomunication, Electronics and IT industries to our own state and still pursuing.

75% Urbanisation is simply the trend abreast with most developed country's level of urbanisdation but pity all the other states are lagging behind too much. As per the estimation territory like Bihar will be just around 10% urban level in 2026 as it is today.

What is Wrong:But Unlike Maharastra and Gujrat the top class states of India in Tamilnadu all the industries are accumulated in and around chennai, a poor sign for future growth, second grade cities are not growing at the same speed of chennai.

We have to develop Industrial parks, Special economic zones in each and every district so that we can maintain the growth in second class cities and towns also. People spending power and Per capita income will increase, Employment level in the towns will also increase, currently employment level in other states of Tamilnadu is nil particularly in the manufacturing industry. parallely foreign money has to pour in as usual from NRI's.

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