Friday, October 06, 2006

Bangkok a Bachelor Paradise

I have been to bangkok for some official purpose from India, for the indian money value a middle class person can go to a few countries, Thailand is one among that, can provide good night life, Good Thai food, beautiful girls, Bars and Pubs.

Most of the goods values are equivalent to Indian prices, good climate, cheap air fares, Visa on arrival facility, Specifically some of the morally wrong things in India is a right or acceptable matters in Thailand.

During my visit, Thailand was under military coup but no any evidence of abnormality summarily no trace of any kind of troubles, I had been travelling between Bangkok and Pattaya twice per day with out any interruptions particularly the hype we have seen in Indian media that Thai chicks are clicking with Military personnel, It's not truth because no where Tanks or armed guards are visble in City or Highways.

During my return I felt that I am getting 1.30 hrs extra time in my life, Thai return bonanza!!!

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