Saturday, January 27, 2007

Christmas in Singapore

Singapore, As a tamilian, ex Tanjore district person I heard about it very much, I thought of it as a dream destination, during my school days, so many of my friend's, neighbour's target is reaching Singapore for a job some how, Still I remember a Saravanan worked in my Father's factory, gone to singapore and over stayed there as a illegal immigrant, later returned with some minor punishment (returned with shaved head but he himself is a bald man) but with loads of Soap, shampoos, body sprays.

After a day stay in Orchid road, I started feeling being in a rat trap, entire city can be travelled in a matter of 1 hour travel by Cab, rules and regulations are worse than Tamilnadu,(India)I feel over all Indian rules and regulations are better than Tamilnadu moral policing cultures. every where tamil faces, sari clad house maids, sari clad sales girls in malls.

I was trying to discover something special in singapore finally I end up in Komadhi vilas for my morning brake fast, Pongal with Filter coffee, felt a bit better, than gone to Mustafa, every body ranting about it, but Ok it's 24 hour mall. I neither got the feeling of India nor got the feeling of firang land, It's mixture of very small bit of land, run with rules, regulations.

Finally I felt singapore is not a place for People like me, a bachelor, It's the place suitable only for family theme park tours. Probably I wont Go to singapore again.

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