Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bangkok Trip 2

As usual I landed in Bangkok in Soi 11, Ambassador- Pain in the Ass always hotel (What to do unfortunately it's in the middle of the happening place), There a thought about Bangkok and Thailand, what is the name meant for? later I understood It as Thai (Thigh)- Land and Bang- cok.

There is a strange similarity between Thai and Indian names, few of the names start with Rama, People are named aishwarya, kanchana, etc...

Bangkok is full of Indian tourists with there full family in toes, may be due to it's a cheap place, but if we really observe whites from Europe and other countries they are mosstly singles, aged atleast 50, having a Thai girl company on fulltime, utilising the full advantage of the free Thai spirit.

I just thought about culture and people, simple, what is the value system followed in India not having any relevance or importance in Thaialnd, what is there customs will make my papa frown at it in the first glance itself.

But I enjoyed Thai cuisine,Sea foods particularly Shrimps, squids and so many unknown but tastier sausages. People are really innocent compared to indian standard, enjoying the life playfully and a bit lazily, most of the women are working, gender difference is few.

After spending too much of my life in over crowded Mumbai-Dombivili and Chennai- Vadapalani, Outside bangkok city towards pattaya road entire four hour stretch the places and roads are looking like heavens as there is not much people and pollution.

People are leading a simple life, doing the daily chores (Job) in the morning and in the evening It starts with a cup of beer and friends in the road corner departmental stores, here also again I have to mention the gender equality, every where I found fairer sex indulged in smoking and drinking nonchalantly with the occational roars, totally friendlier in nature, I started shooting photos, they were ready to pose to a stranger, just surprising.

We do boast about Indian culture, now I am trying to work it out what is this?

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