Sunday, March 11, 2007

Indian Rave party

We found them all on the front pages of newspapers this week. One, cop Patil from Pune’s rural police, had busted a party on private premises the night before Holi. He took along news reporters to shoot images of the said raid: “Nashakhoron par chhapa”. I hope the police hand-picked the international drug-traffickers, other serious social deviants at the place. Most others were probably at the suburban bash, instead of drinking at a local pub the weekend after college or work. They’ve spent days in the infamous Yerawada jail since: They were all destructive drug addicts, it seems; some apparently prostitutes (the way you view women or men is also a judgment on your eyes).

You mix the grey with black, as in this case, you either push a minor sub-culture to a notorious under-belly, or give it all the semblance of rebellious “cool” when none exist. Over 1 out of 3 viewers polled on NDTV India, I noticed, saw the incident as a valiant attempt by the police to preserve our culture.

The same Holi, there was a nation-wide rave organised in the name of a religious festival. The streets sold cannabis. Everyone drank them mixed with sweet milk. The traffic moved sleepily, people danced and grinned with their shirts off. Nobody was arrested. But I guess, that was our culture. So it’s all right.

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