Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rajini The Boss

As usual Rajini's Sivaji ruling the screens not only in Tamilnadu but all over the world where ever screened, Its running second houseful week in Mumbai, Its good for the Producer, Director, hero, heroine but what about the regular movie buffs, fans.

Unable to control my frustration and anger while thinking about Movie Sivaji, shankar, Shreya. Movie making is a creative process, Director has to shoulder the movie along with the others but in sivaji Its reverse Hero Is shouldering entire responsibility of making it successful single handedly by his persona, result read the first 3 lines again.

Due to the presence of so many industry heavy weights like Rajini, Raguwaran, AVM Banner, AR Rahman, KV Ananth, Sujatha, and Shankar there is no coordination between scenes, the crew felt what ever they make will work but it's not true, during the first half people along with there howling exasperation trying to figure out something out of nothing from the story line, Luckily Sujatha Name got escaped, Initial shreya scenes are nothing but cinema romance people should be careful while watching this with there family, may be we can tag it as adult only nothing sexual but for the mental agony it creates, a kind of dry death creativity of Shankar.

Movie simply running on the Rajini Face value and as usual great music of ARR till the end without any twist or turns. There is a request to Rajini earlier with Baba suresh krishna frustrated us now it's the turn of shankar, why can't u try with some new directors who belive in healthier storyline than make up and buig budget

People be aware of Shankars dried up creativity, some more movie from him may come soon on the same line of Protagonist fighting against corruption with
Heavy budjet for make up, costumes, settings. Music by ARR, Dialogue by Sujatha, Some great cinematographers, technicians but without any proper story.

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