Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dreaming Optimist

We are still running to catch a window Seat.
We don’t know What Time the carrier may depart,
What time we may reach destination.
Air pockets compensate road bumpies.
People accustomed to eat and drink even at 2.30 am.
On board divided couple and crying child on show.
Sweaty take offs.
Advertisements free!
Free morning darshan – Mumbai city slum view!

Announcement: Good morning Gentle man, This is XX and Blaw Blaws, This is to inform you that Our flight is in Queue position 18, and will depart a 40 min delay, as it is under ATC control, we cant do anything we have to bear this, have a good journey ha, ha, ha (Frustrated smile or Sarcastic) !!!

Announcement: Good Evening (at night 10.30) Gentle man, This is YY and Blaw Blaws, This is to inform you that as we are not getting clearance from ATC due to heavy traffic, as we have single run way they have to accommodate outgoing flights too, we are travelling towards nasik for a short span, you can see that in the tele screen and we will reach Mumbai in another 35 min, as it is under ATC control, we cant do anything Please bear with us , have a good journey. How to have a good journey while flying in low altitude with all the bumpy ride.

The above condition is persisting permanently for a long while, I don’t know when I had last time a morning or evening flight landed or departed on time, but no any solution on sight. We need an aviation ministry? It’s a Babu’s method of showing How to waste money, fuel, pass the time and finally how to damage the growing economy.

Once I was travelling in Indian flight to Delhi, I felt very happy the way grandma’s (Hostess) served the veg break fast with total care (No NV available, I was sitting with in first three rows), little bit broken hand rest on a side and no hand rest on window side, Lot of leg room, no need to disturb the co-passenger, flight was on time as usual dreaming that now onwards I have to travel by Indian though the perception that Indian is always late but only later I realised that due to poor occupancy they changed few rows of business class in to economy class without rearranging the seats. One time lucky!

I remember two year back the best service I used to get from Air sahara with
I am quiet happy the middle class become the high flyer on low cost airlines with Indian discipline, May be new airport in Thane or Kayan will solve this probably by year 2020; I am an Indian middle class Dreaming Optimist.

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