Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sweet Sandviken- Sweden

The moment we entered Stockholm- Sweden airport at noon, I felt there may be a curfew? A huge airport compared to Indian airports, but no where people on sight, outside the airport inside the city also the same, I just enquired about it to my companion who is a regular here, Sweden is a big country with only 5 million population!!! My mind was imaging about mumbai scenario "WoW surely I am going to face lot of surprises".

We travelled to a small town may be a village called Sandviken, only a 25000 popuated "clean air" place, the entire locale was looking like Ooty garden, what a lovelier life no.. Its not a lovelier it's healthier lazy life, cool climate temp around 5 to 10 Deg C, morning starts at 8.30 and the day ends at evening 6.30, all the shops were closed by 6.30 but day light was present still 8.30 evening.

Surprise 1 no children in visible sight reason they are all in day care center
Surprise 2 No gender difference everybody goes to work (Its a surprise bcos I am a Indian)
Surprise 3 We went to a manufacturing plant there was no security gate, not enough population for theft, gate crashing...
Surprise 4 Even you become a vice president of a company but u can not afford to hire a personal car driver

People are working on day time sincerely, ending the day probably in a pub, going to bed very early compared to my standard bed time of mid nite 12.

Initially I felt our Indian lives are cursed, later realised our life is more eventful than a European.

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