Sunday, September 09, 2007


Hi, Yes may I help you (with a smile)!
I came in Air deccan Chennai -Mumbai, my trolley bag lock is broken, things are shuffled, shot back immedite reply with alert any valuables lost? Luckily apart from clothes nothing kept inside (A hand luggage of lap top, digital camera and Ipod got escaped).Ok sir I will book a oral complaint Mr Vijayakumar (Serious tone), Air line people will contact you later. What is the meaning of Oral complaint? Sir you have not lost anything (Good reply).

What is your name? Manisha, if u want to complain still pls meet duty manager, I cant give any written acknowledement for your complaint. Ms Manisha what is your surname your approach is very suspicious are you Manisha show me your ID card, shown something in Marathi, show me the backside so that I can read (May be printed in English), Sir you can not touch me I will call airport security (My first encounter with Sick uglier women like this, felt nauseasting).later she slipped away without any proper reply.

(Walked near her) Where is your duty manager? He is in Departure gate, call him here, Mr Gaurav Can not come here sir , Pls go to departure gate. Any other responsible person available here to attend? for any help pls go to departure gate sir.

was walking towards departure gate, still My mind was wandering about what to complain either about broken lock or irresponsible employee or both. Sir I am the incharge of baggage handling Give me your complaint in writing, If any valuable lost what whould have happened, I enquired politely while I was doing the application, simple reply "we are not responsible if you kept any valuables inside your luggage" More shocks about Manisha now I understood madam's initial question and purpose. This is the acknowledgement for your complaint, air line people will contact you sir.

It happened a week back, till today no response.

I cursed myself for travelling with a good looking luggage case.

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