Sunday, December 23, 2007

Shantaram's Mumbai

It's quiet fun to read through foreigners view on India, Either Gregory roberts description of Mumbai in Shantaram or Holy Cow-Delhi, both were written by Australians, one is Ex BBC, and another is a convicted criminal, escaped from Victoria Jail!!!.

Shantaram is bit in line on the common men's view on Bombay with lot of street truths, which still not changed, while I was reading It's very difficult to put the book down, wondering about the Slum poverty and Discipline, The story is narrated with such a passion and affection that Greogory robberts must have enjoyed each and every moment of his stay in India that is evidence from his repeated visits to Mumbai and Its slums along with famous celebrities like Madonna, J Depp.
If I like some writing or Movies It's my habit to read it or see it later again and again, Shantaram is one more addition to that list.

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