Sunday, March 23, 2008

We the people

India might be the super power in another two decades, wow wonderful!!!, we will be having the world largest population of young educated people who can work and earn maximum and economy will become world second largest, that too fine.

Everything fine for me from the above lines except some dubious distinction which we are going to achieve parrallely like world largest womanizers, rapists, child molesters, country of smarts (cheaters) due to our value system and what we are preaching to the young minds today, like don’t drink, don’t smoke but who will teach about the importance of Individual discipline-The trait of being well behaved while in a group and as a individual alone and while with strangers.

The painful result of our past preaching is the largest number of cloaked smokers, drinkers who are more in our country than any other part of the world and raising population of woman molesters and rapists.

Few days back I was chatting with a college going young man about summer vacation and about visiting Goa, the discussion drifted to Scarlette murder and rape, he equated her with a sex bomb (media effect)? And further added that what she got is the punishment for her dope and drinking habits. I questioned about the rapist and foul play played by administers, he simply replied ,”why she was going to wrong places in the wrong time” and further added Its India not UK then one more addition ‘her mother married five times have more than seven children’.

The way we are giving respect to a woman because of our so called value system is either they can’t walk alone after sun set or they can’t travel alone for a small distances. A woman who is living alone and trying to stand on her own is still considered largely as a easy catch and seen with we can try once attitude, Now my question who is wrong Scarlett for her drinking and doping interest or the rapist who raped and murdered her on a opportunistic moment, what is wrong dope (the bad habit) or rape (the bad behavior) which one is bigger crime, a habit which may affect a individual or a manners which may affect others.

The media (the latest moral police) too have to feel shameful for their portrayal of scarlette and her mother Fiona as glamour doll and villains/ enemies to our land value system and further strengthening the age old moral and no discipline value system for the dubious distinctions which are awaiting for us in near future.

God please save us.

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