Friday, July 18, 2008

Blood Diamond

English films are usually action and thrillers, which is difficult to watch even for few minutes - experience based on childhood day roadside morning show movie posters and TV movies of Bruce lee and Jackie chan. This perception still continues bcos of the kind of prime time movies telecasted by HBO and STAR MOVIES.

Sometimes we are destined to get different kind of experience which may blown up our idiotic perceptions, at the age of 18 first time I realized while watching Titanic that they too can make movies with emotion- not sexual and relationship based stories, after that again I drifted back to my shell, many of the flight movies also not opposed to any my perception, ‘The water horse’ is the last flight time movie I watched as there was no any other option (consider dud Hindi movies and cartoon shows are the other option).

A few days back I happened to stare at a ‘Blood diamond’ in HBO then continued watching, Protagonist Hounsou-Best acting with perfect body language of a slave, and a faithful dad, husband, De caprio with his Huh, huh hard breathe slang, little bit funnier and street smart character portrayal, a good looking Jennifer, many rape and F words censored by film board, making it a tad difficult to understand the conversations, still the movie is a gem, one of the best emotional family drama movie I have seen. “Dia, You are from the proud Mende tribe, ..” the dialogue from father to his young son with Gun in hand targeting Decaprio and Hounsou one of the best screen moments.

Rarely a movie makes you think, ‘civil war, rebel forces, diamond mines, journos, lots of emotions, family values, innocent people, blood, cruel punishments’, this is one is of that rare kind.

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