Monday, October 20, 2008

Pavlonian Dog

Day before yesterday 18/10/2008
SK: Vijay, Sh is in Bangkok,
Vijay hmm, the night was over at early morning 2.30
Yesterday 19/10/08 night 10.30 Indian time
Sh SMS: Hi Vijay I am in Bangkok
Vijay: Vow Fine enjoy
Sh SMS: I been to our hideout
Vijay:Meet our friends, Keep some energy for tomorrow.
It took two hours to sleep after that series of messages.
Some sweet memories of travels and happiness are very difficult to forget. In our life we do meet lots of people and creating lots of sweet and painful memories, n that sh occupied a good amount of fine moments, Pondering over it, just bringing back some nostalgic Moments...

Now new company new place, new people... waiting like a pavlonian Dog. Though getting the opportunity to go to this places easily, heart is not supporting similar kind of fun easily with new group of people.

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