Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ananth Eswar

Ananth, Salem Ananth, easy to notice his presence where ever he is, if u not still he will, that s the way it happened my first time meeting with him in my first day at SRM, asked about my admission to Crescent and Maya, a preppy look damsel, who also took part in admission process (written test and GD) later not joined, Ananth too attended on same still I am pondering how I missed his presence. When ever I am in some critical task, now It’s happening in daily routines too, accustomed to forgetting the surrounding world easily forgetting the road traveled, people around, music heard, movies seen, posters landmarks everything, contrary to my way the stark contrast I noticed about Ananth is his memory and inquisitive mind, eye on small matters like movie background dancers, flying dress and underwear colour of a foreigner in mount road while riding fast in a bike for a movie to childhood friends even what happened fifteen years back in school to yesterday evening a new face (read girl) walked on the colony park thirty past nine in pink tops with black jean, hmmm memory matters but not to this extend. About sirs academic excellence, kind of Mr. Cool the moment exam arrives sir will feel totally uncomfortable because of the antics and dramas of other inmates particularly Malai and Mani, due to this artistic skill for small things if I write a exam for twenty pages sir will do sixty five, note-that days exams were introspected by us by the number of pages written.

Sir and his mobiles were inseparable; kind of Karna’s Kavasa Kundalam God only knows who is on the other end, as long as mobiles were ringing or beeping it is the indication that Ananth is around, later I realised why people are keep on calling him, matter is simple, Sir is a great story teller (for everybody) and a family counselor (only for woman) result every body want to have his tidbits for the day or pour there trivial scuts. The busiest friend among many I had, I have.

The same Ananth is now here in Mumbai jobless, I am not talking about money earning Work; that is plenty, jobless means ….. Close friends know very well.

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