Monday, November 03, 2008

கடமையை செய் பலனை எதிர் பார்

"கடமையை செய் பலனை எதிர் பார்", தலைவரின் புதிய மந்திரம், ரஜனி's interview- trying time to fight with laughter challenge program, answers some how better than kuselan interview, audience myself and ananth evening sun TV program. Nice to watch sweaty kanth saheb answering fans questions with nervousness and his trademark dry humour, fan's are losing there hair over rajini confusious's confusions. end of the show I asked ananth what he is trying to say 'hmmm he want to become a politician' and 'reading all the books related to political science' vow my view is he may be waiting for Babaji's views in his dream or some mallu astrologers prophecies. Finally he made his fans happy by informing he will give dharshan and interact openly yearly once!!!. Thalaiva politics requires visiting jail, losing marriage halls, joining hand with common man, speaking with clarity, travelling all over tamilnadu not Himalaya finally spending money for thirsty hungry party man unlike ரசிகர் மன்றம் where fans will take care every thing from donating blood to spending money on posters and cut outs.

Better try acting in more and more commercial movies atleast fans wishes will be fulfilled, your coffer too will be full.

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