Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year

2002 New year at midnite 12.00 returning from Job.
2003 New year with Gopal, Aravinth, Ananth, Malai, mani at fair mont and Beach.
2004 New year with Aravinth, Malai, Mani, Gopal in KK Kupp Church.
2005 New year with Sunil, Kadam, many others at Alibaug.
2006 New year at a Dhaba with Sunil, Nagesh.
2007 New year - Trial for a adventourous nite out fun failed, returned from Singapore, Bangkok plan fail. want to forget.
2008 New year at Nagesh House with Sunil.
2009 New year may be at Hill side & Powai with Ananth, Siva, still in planning stage...

Normal things like New year resolution, throwing up at midnite, trying new roads etc.. not working anymore, what to do...

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