Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Tree

Once upon a time there was a kid having the good company of a Mango tree, every day he hugs and enjoyed playing around, climb on its trunk, sleep under its shadow, and eat ripe mangoes, more he played around; more the happier the tree, he enjoyed and loved the company of the tree.

Time passed on…

He become a boy, one fine morning walking across the tree, the tree tenderly called him come and sit with me, he riposted I am no longer a kid to play around you, I need money I want to buy many things. The tree replied sorry I do not have money to offer you but I have mangoes which you can pluck, sell, have the money you want, the boy was really excited he grabbed all the ripe mangoes and left happily, the tree also very happy.

He had not shown up for some time, Time passed on…

He become a man, one fine morning he returned to his home town; by seeing him the tree was really excited, lovingly called him come near me, he replied I do not have time, I have to take care of my wife and children, I need money. I want to own a house, can you help me out? The tree replied sorry I do not have house to offer you but you can chop off my branches to build your house. The man cut all the branches and left happily. The tree was very glad to see him after a long time.

Time passed on…

One hot summer the man returned, the tree was delighted and shrieked happily, and yelled come on, sit with me, the man replied I am getting old, I want to sail in a boat for relaxation can you help me, “use my trunk to build your boat, sail around the world, be happy”, said the tree. So the man cut the tree trunk to construct a boat, sailed around, not returned for a long time. The tree was happy but it must not be the truth.

Time passed on…

He returned after many years, the tree earnestly welcomed him back and sadly informed “Sorry my boy I do not have anything for you to offer any more, no more mangoes for you, no more truck for you to climb up,”. “No problem I do not have the energy to suckle, too old to climb also”, the man replied. With tears the tree asked the man to take its dying roots, “I do not need much now, just a place to sit, I want to lean on you, I want to speak my heart” the man replied. “Come, sit down”, the tree was glad and smiled with tears.
Note: I have seen a Mail apple story, I am a tamil, Mango Jack fruit and Banana are the king of fruits, so here is a Mango story.

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