Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Confession of a young mind

“Can I have a Ciggy”, “no you can not, it’s my friends” me said, what s your age? “22”, why you want to smoke? “I am not feeling good”, “make yourself comfortable, don’t remove your shoes, if you really feel like… puffing out then have it “, Thanks, light please. Thanks to sachin once during his visit still I remember how he brouhahaed, antagonized my entire household with his smelly sacks and feet.

“What happened?, looking a bit confused”, chubby faced moti preppy sachin face turned pale suddenly and a sarcastic smile from his mouth, mobile started beeping (SMS) and ringing continuously, mild confusion in his face, “attend”, running for a cover, he forgotten that I can’t understand Marathi, “sachin one more request don’t go to Balcony”, still not able to see my face with a shameful smile he was running to the adjacent room.

“I am in big trouble with girls, my car, and Parents”, sachin asserted while back.

How is your parents…, ma parents they are really concerned when ever I am leaving home in the evening, they want me to sit in the cradle and drink plenty of milk.

Can I have one more fag, yeah take it, would save me from mosquitoes. Who was that red sari aunty crossing me while I was coming upstairs?........remaining aunty discussion censored.

“Two days back I banged my car, shit”, “while u drive you have to see around”, I was very alert still some disturbance, I was on the way to Taj, why to Taj? For dinner. Ho.. then, why you banged, the girl sat next to me suddenly asked when are you marrying me.

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