Sunday, February 01, 2009

Lesson Learnt

29th Jan 2009, It was a very difficult day after a day long working of 6 40 to 19 00, what to do after this much time in office, simple! Go home, Have food, go to bed. Change, Change, Change…, Changed the Routine.

If any deviation from my office routine timing-one of the difficult task to manage, office till 19.00 then have to do some thing to be occupied till 20.00, for food. So an hours gap what to do? Started moving toward main gate, to have some fun on the road dividing my office and home, platform batter and fry pan both are missing sucks! time cruncher. Here is the catch usually around 19 00 it could be my work out time but today its different, things are changed, routine is disturbed, very tired, drained!!!, on the return totter, tired dragging walk I found a gentleman who is older than me, doing lots of energy consuming work in my same office, jogging on the path; who usually reaches office on the same morning time of mine and leaves every day after me, wavered his hands with full energy towards me, O God what is he doing, transpiring some energy!

Life is simple and beautiful; I walked back home energized, started vigorous work out. Night I slept well happily, peacefully,… without any self pity.

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