Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mannargudi CBM project

GEECL, a LSE listed company won the block under the CBM (coal bed methane) - IV licensing round and signed the production sharing contract (PSC) last year. The work on Mannargudi will start in the last quarter of this year (2011-12) between October and December to complete the minimum work programme committed at the time of the bid estimated investment is 100 Cr, However, depending upon the exploration progress and the results in the long run it could see an investment of as much as Rs 3000 to 4000 crore, it will take five years to complete the base work.

As per the Directorate General Hydrocarbons' assessment based on the data available to them, the Mannargudi block is estimated to have 0.98 tcf of gas. Now, GEECL need to do the work there and get the results.

CBM can be used as a natural gas in small power plants and transport and as fuel for industrial use. It has helped in developing downstream gas-based industries. With government support, CBM can substantially contribute to India’s energy security and help curb emissions.

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  1. This project will thrive our home town towards tremendous growth,on an addition to rail st, already we covered circle town access.yesterday seen almost 50to 60 autos at railway station and huge human crowd,sabash mannargudi,thanks for your upadates mr.vijay
    Gopinath Manavalan,coimbatore